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Superb Synthetic Turf has a wide array of the most advanced and long-lasting sports field turf grass options to customize your dream sports field. Every sports field is different, but a great sports field design should be customized to fit your specific synthetic turf wants and needs.

Superb Synthetic Turf begins a sports field turf grass installation by first getting to know how you plan to use the sports field, how much traffic will be on your field, your budget, if it’s an indoor or outdoor field, what type of surface would be best and etc. Once information has been gathered about the sports field, then Superb Synthetic Turf will plan out your sports field turf grass installation and act as a trusted turf advisor, answering any sports field turf-related questions you may have along the way.



Superb Synthetic Turf’s artificial turf sports fields can be installed in both indoor and outdoor venues. Superb Synthetic Turf’s sports field turf surfaces are durable, dependable and safe. This synthetic option offers unlimited play, low maintenance and performance found only in the best kept grasses. Superb Synthetic Turf’s proven sports field turf grass surfaces are ideal for the following:

Soccer fields, Football fields, Baseball fields, Multi-purpose fields, Lacrosse fields, Field hockey fields, Bocce courts, Croquet courts

Sports Field Turf Restoration

There comes a time in the lifespan of all baseball fields when they begin to age and become worn out. Sometimes a baseball field requires some maintenance to be restored to the glory days of its former self. The technology of the synthetic surface we use on baseball fields today is remarkably different than that utilized just 5 years ago. Superb Synthetic Turf can introduce baseball field owners to new synthetic turf technology to make older fields appear new again.


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Whatever your vision for your space, we have the ability to turn that vision into reality with our turf applications. From tee lines to playgrounds to indoor sports fields, your synthetic turf project can be done right, with the latest and most proven turf installation techniques and the highest-quality materials available

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